D&D Interceptor


Before installing D&D Interceptor you need to install
the VB6 runtime files:
* This is normally only necessary for Win9x/NT4 users

 D&D Interceptor 1.0.6 
(runs on Windows 9X/ME/NT4/W2K/XP/2003/TS)
Download D&D Interceptor 1.0.6

 D&D Interceptor 1.0.14 
(runs on 32-bits versions of Windows Vista & Windows 7)
Download D&D Interceptor 1.0.14

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



 D&D Interceptor 

This utility can intercept drag & drop and copy & paste actions performed through Explorer or My computer and show a window with the option to cancel the operation.
This can be useful in situations where users inadvertently drag & drop folders and cannot locate them afterwards.

D&D Interceptor can also create a log file with information about who moved, copied, deleted, created or renamed folders.

All the text displayed in the Intercept window (shown to the left) can be translated if necessary.

D&D Interceptor is free for private and individual use, educational and non-profit organizations.

Others, like f.e for profit companies/organizations and governmental departments can obtain licenses at the following prices:

1-100 copies
100-500 copies
500-1000 copies
1000+ copies

€ 20,00 (Euro)
€ 35,00
€ 50,00
€ 99,00
Currency Calculator

* F.e. if you install D&D Interceptor on 75 PC's your total cost is € 20,00.

* Reselling of purchased licenses is not allowed .

* See the readme.txt file for payment details or use these links for online secure purchases:

Adjust the quantity of the items you order through PayPal or ShareIt so the total amount is equal to the price of the license you need. F.e. order 35 items if you want to install between 100-500 copies.