Drag & Drop Interceptor FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

20090801 D&D Interceptor and Autodesk / Autocad Software

The Autodesk setup software can conflict with Drag & Drop Interceptor and refuse to start.
A quick workaround: create a batch file, f.e. setup2.bat with the following text inside:

ren "c:\Program Files\DDInterceptor\CopyHook.dll" CopyHook.dll.x
ren "c:\Program Files\DDInterceptor\CopyHook.dll.x" CopyHook.dll

and place this file in the autocad setup folder. Instead of running setup.exe you would run setup2.bat

Notice that although this temporarily renames CopyHook.dll to CopyHook.dll.x this doesn't effect DDInterceptor
(because copyhook.dll is loaded into memory). If you move a folder during setup of autocad DDI will pop-up as usual.
Thus the fact alone that you rename a file "fools" the autocad setup.exe. Very weird.

Note: when uninstalling autocad you also have to rename copyhook.dll temporarily.


20120906 D&D Interceptor and Windows (Live) Essentials 2012

The Windows Live installer software can conflict with Drag & Drop Interceptor and refuse to install Photo Gallery and Movie Maker.
The installer will report:
Error: 0x80040705
Source: D3DX10_42

Workaround: rename C:\Program Files\DDInterceptor\DDInterc.dll to DDInterc.old.dll
Run the Windows Live Setup program
rename C:\Program Files\DDInterceptor\DDInterc.old.dll to DDInterc.dll