PreLog  is a Login Shell for the following Network Clients: Novell Netware, MS Networking and Local Windows password access.
For a complete list of features and other information click on the ReadMe links in the download section below.
Here are some of the main features:

 Customize your Login Screen 
Create a Login Screen with f.e. a Company Logo.
Translate the text on the Login Screen and the login messages to a language of your choice.
Play an .mp3 or wave file.

 Use enhanced Autologin 
Enables autologin without the drawbacks mentioned in
Novell's TID 10013350

 Synchronize passwords 
Synchronize your Novell NDS, NT domain, and local windows passwords without any unnecessary synchronize windows password boxes coming up and confusing your users. 

 Enhance your security 
Ask for a windows password when your PC is not connected to the network (normally you will enter windows without any authentication when you disconnect your PC from the network).
Specify some rules for your passwords.

 Control your users 
PreLog helps you control your users by enabling remote viewing of any PC where PreLog is installed on. This function is mostly used in schools where you might
need to control some of your users who try to install software, visit inappropriate web sites and try to cause other harm.

 For more features and 
 information see the 
 ReadMe links below 

 © Air Traffic Euro Charter GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany


Before installing PreLog you need to install the VB6 runtime files: Vbrun60SP6

 PreLog 1.1.11  
 (PreLog 1.1.11 runs on Win9X/ME/NT4/W2K/XP)
PreLog 1.1.11 beta
PreLog 1.1.11 Readme

Activation file for PreLog version 1.1.11
(After you extract the prelog.exp file to c:\prelog (or to your network drive) PreLog will be active until December 1st 2006)

You can e-mail  for information or to request a new activation file.

 Other downloads: 
iKey Administrator for PreLog version 1.0.1
Netware Open File Checker 1.0.3
NDS Logout
PreLog Photoshop file (can be used as a template for your own login screen)
CleanUP (can be used with WinTidy95 to automatically restore the position of your desktop icons)
Activate ScreenSaver